Dr. Lydiana garcia

Licensed Psychologist #PSY24888



welcome to my site

I’m a bilingual (Spanish/English) Latina licensed psychologist. I facilitate healing, by exploring the roadblocks that are interfering with the life you deserve and strive for. In many cases, the roadblocks are responses and habits we developed during times of crisis and by experiencing trauma, and most likely were helpful and even needed in order for us to survive those times/events; however, these roadblocks are no longer serving us.

First, I focus on establishing and promoting safety and regulation in the present, before addressing any past traumas/issues or future worries/concerns. Then, I work hand-in-hand with you addressing the presenting problem. During this time, I operate from a holistic viewpoint; integrating mind, body, and spirit.

The therapy I provide is based on your needs, taking in consideration and being respectful to your beliefs and culture. I strongly value developing a strong therapeutic relationship, and I approach therapy from a human, compassionate, warmth and non-judgemental way. Remember, I’m on this journey too 🙂

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