Therapy Services


Individual Therapy

*Service is provided via telehealth only (due to COVID-19)*

Most of my clients receive individual therapy. I approach therapy from a non-judgemental, warmth and authentic way. I believe you have internal wisdom and part of my role is to help clear the pathway in order for you to tap into these resources and to live your life how you intend it to be. The duration of the session varies from 55- to 90 minutes, depending on the modality. The initial session consists of completing and discussing important documentation, assessing the presenting problem and offering a preliminary treatment plan. Initially, treatment is recommended to be on a weekly basis. I have received training in several treatment modalities that have shown to reduce symptoms and increase overall wellbeing, such as Seeking Safety, EMDR, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Trauma Resiliency Model. Services are provided in English and in Spanish. Ultimately, I integrate these evidence-based treatments, into a holistic, whole-person individual approach.

Family Therapy

I enjoy working with families, especially when there are strained relationships between family members. I conceptualize the family as a whole, and I provide feedback as to how the members of the family are contributing to the situation, and responding to it. I promote respectful honest communication within the family, and ultimately my goal is to help the family improve their relationship, communication, and living situation. Family sessions vary between 60- to 90 minutes of duration.

Group Therapy

One of the most common “problem” themes I see in my clients is that they feel alone and as if they are the only ones going through their situation. I always recommend them to join a “support” group in order to know they are not alone, to have a safe place to vent their emotions/thoughts, and to feel supported. These are some of the main goals I have for the groups I facilitate. Please look at the upcoming and current groups.


Hours of Operation

Thursdays: 11 am – 6 pm

Fridays between 11 am – 4 pm



Individual therapy: $250/hr
Family sessions: $275/hr
Group session: $75

Insurance: Out-Of-Network

I am not paneled with any insurance. However, if you have a PPO, I can offer to submit the claim to your insurance so they can reimburse you (after you pay out of pocket for the service); depending on your out-of-network benefits.

To find more about your Out-of-Network benefits, I recommend asking your insurance the following questions:

  1. What are my out-of-network benefits?
  2. What percentage of my outpatient, psychotherapy sessions are reimbursed?
  3. Do I need an authorization number to activate behavioral health benefits?
  4. How many outpatient, psychotherapy sessions am I allowed a calendar year?
  5. When does your calendar year start?
  6. What is my deductible? Do I have to meet the deductible before being able to get reimbursed?
  7. Where can I find the claim form I will need to submit? How long is the process of approval/payment once you receive the claim?
  8. What is the mailing address and FAX # to send behavioral health claims?
  9. Can claims be submitted online by the members? If so, what is the web address?
Sexual Abuse Survivor's Group

This group will benefit women that have survived an incident, or several, of childhood sexual abuse, rape, or sexual assault. This group is designed for women that are feeling confused, experiencing guilt/shame, anger, sadness, or nothing at all.

Parenting Teens: A Support Group for Caregivers of Teenagers

This group will focus on providing caregivers of teens a safe place to explore the factors that are getting in the way with their parenting abilities, explore ways to effectively cope with it, and to provide science-based parenting skills.