Being there for others in need

by Lydiana Garcia in Depression, Uncategorized

Most people struggle reaching out when in need. Unfortunately, this is linked to an increase in depressive and other mental health related symptoms.

In many stories of people that have gone through significant hardship, most likely they can identify at least 1 person that offered support or just believed in them.

My call for you is to be a beacon of light in someone’s darkness.

This could be done by calling our friends and families and “checking-in” about how they are doing, but really listening without judgement or offering solutions (if these are not sought).

In difficult times, most likely what matters is not what you say, but that you SHOW UP for them.

Sometimes our day gets light up by a stranger offering help, or simply by saying “Hi” or smiling. We’re all going through some hardship, to a certain degree. So why not be there for them, as we would like someone to do the same for us?

As Jana Stanfield’s All in this together song says:

“We’re all in this together, living right now.

Let’s try and make it better for each other somehow.

No one should feel hungry, everyone should be loved.

We’re all in this together, everyone of us”

We can do this!

Lydiana Garcia, PhD

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