8 Tips to help prevent your adolescent from engaging in high-risk behaviors


Before I offer these tips, I would like to mention the fact that most adolescents engage in some type of risk-behaviors during their adolescent years; for example, using alcohol or other substance, skipping a class or school, unprotected sex, “reckless” driving, trying put “dangerous” sport tricks, etc.

The overall goal is to diminish the risks of engaging in these behaviors and the severity of it, in order to prevent life-threatening risks or consequences that will negatively impact their future.

Here are the Tips to help prevent  risk behaviors in adolescents:

1. Establish a great communication and relationship from the get go. 

2. Have them involve in extra-curricular activities they enjoy.

3. Monitor them, most risk behaviors happen during times that they’re not being monitored.

4. Establish house rules and clear expectations of what will happen if they break the rules.

5. Be mindful of the consequences and punishments to be congruent with their misbehavior.

6. Know them, their likes/dislikes, their FRIENDS, their school.

7. Connect them with mentors.

8. Recognize the signs of depression/anxiety/getting bullied; any significant change in behaviors.


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