Reduce Anxiety/Stress Utilizing Your Five Senses

by Lydiana Garcia in Uncategorized

Nowadays most of us are experiencing lots of stress due to all the different “hats” we wear. Lately it seems like we’re all getting trained to perform a juggling act in a circus. As funny as it sounds, it’s very detrimental to experience prolonged stress.

Yes, all those basic recommendations to help reduce stress and anxiety work, for example: exercising, yoga, meditation, going out with friends, eating healthy, sleeping well, etc. However, if you’re like me, many times doing any of these great activities become another To-Do List…

Creating a plan to have accessible at any time and that does not require more than 5 minutes, can be a great benefit. Here are important steps:

1. REFLECT about the things that bring joy, calmness, peace, relaxation, happiness, hope, and many other “positive” emotions and feelings to your life. When doing this reflection, ask yourself to bring to your mind things that bring these emotions through your five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste. What do you enjoy watching? Hearing? Tasting? Touching/sensing? Smelling?

2. GATHER items, things, music on your phone or CD’s, etcetera, that are accessible to you at any given moment. For example, having some songs on your phone that bring you peace, joy; having a hand cream with a scent that brings you peace; having art pieces in your house and/or pictures of things you enjoy seeing; having gum with flavors you enjoy; carrying a piece of a texture you enjoy in your purse and/or having a keychain with a texture.

3. CARRY with you and in your surroundings (house, car, work) some of these items/things in order to help provide some instant comfort.

Hope this helps!



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