Peace in The Midst of Chaos

by Lydiana Garcia in Uncategorized

Technology has improved a lot in the last decades, so much so that we’re able to get things in a much faster way. This has impacted our overall lives, and particularly our ability to wait and have patience when things are not working well.

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.

Nathaniel Branden

Awareness of the chaos and struggle is the first step, and then being able to accept it is next.

Acceptance does not equal leaving things as they are, but it does imply in taking a step back and accepting it first before choosing a course of action.

When you have peace in yourself and accept, then you are calm enough to do something, but if you are carried by despair, there is no hope.

Nhat Hanh

By making peace with what is, instead of resisting it, then you’ll be able to find a solution instead of spinning around…

Some ways to make peace with it can be by:

1. Acknowledging how hard it is, and how much struggle it brings.

2. Describing the situation and recognizing that it is happening in the present moment, or how it is impacting your present.

Afterwards, you can remind yourself that things don’t stay the same forever and that you still have a choice (even if it is just about the thoughts you pay attention to) in the midst of it. And then you can problem-solve ways to improve it, and if it doesn’t improve, repeat the cycle.




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